1°Año 7°Div Ingles TRABAJO PRACTICO N°1 UNIT 1

1° año - 7° División 26/04/2021 Por amaya Johana
test your english - 17 lengua.extranjera

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Today is Monday, 26th April
PAUTAS: el trabajo debe realizarse en la semana virtual- se debe enviar por correo o subir a classroom- Debe estar prolijo. Hoja aparte- pueden imprimirlo o copiarlo. La nota se subirá al GEM. No te olvides de llevar el trabajo a tu clase presencial.
                                                  Trabajo Práctico N°1                         Course: 1°7°
                                                      Unit 1                                               Name:
1.        MATH TIME!-Write the answers.
a.        Ten + five = ______________________
b.        Nineteen - three= __________________
c.        Eleven + seven= ____________________
d.        Twenty – nine= ____________________
e.        Eight + four = ___________________
2.        Order the words to form projects.
a.        NESICEC: _____________________
b.        TELDMIUAMI: _______________________
c.        GLENTOCYOH: ____________________________
d.        RMADA: ________________________
e.        ICUSM: _____________________________
3.        Circle the correct word.
My first name 1 is / am Ignacio. I 2 is / am twelve 3 years / years old. My favourite projects 4 is / are A & T and Robotics. They 5 is / are cool. My friend Santiago 6  is / are in the Music project. 7 He / She is a rock fan. 8 We / He are in different rooms. The Music project is in Room 16 and my projects 9 is / are in Rooms 11 and 12.
4.        Turn these sentences into Negative or Interrogative.
a.        You are my best friend. ________________________________(?)
b.        My sister is a bad student. ______________________________(-)
c.        Clara and Tom are at school. ___________________________(-)
d.        I am 16 years old. _________________________________(-)
e.        Kevin is in the science project. ______________________________(?)
5.        Choose the correct option.
a.        What´s your project? It´s Robotics  / I am robotics
b.        How old is your friend?    I am in room 5/ He is 13 years old.
c.        What´s your name?     I am Maria / they are carlos and John.
d.        What´s your room number?  They are science / it´s room 20.
e.        How are your friends?    They are fine / they are 13 years old.
6.        Look at the information and write sentences.
Name        Angeles         Felipe and Nacho        Olivia 
Age        12        15        14
Year        1        3        2
Project        robotics        multimedia        drama

a.        Angeles is _____________________________
b.        Felipe and Nacho _______________________________
c.        Olivia ________________________________________
7.        Answer these personal questions.
a.        What´s your name?________________________
b.        How are you?______________________________
c.        How old are you?_________________________
d.        When is your birthday?________________________
e.        What´s your favourite colour?_________________________
f.        What´s your project?__________________________

Trabajo Practico N 1


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